Meet MK


Hi!! I grew up in Pekin, IL, where I have amazing parents, 2 brothers, and a sister. After high school I went to Grand View University with a volleyball scholarship, where I studied Health Promotion: Fitness & Wellness Management. I worked as a personal trainer for about 8 years and I met my fiancé. Our lives changed drastically and we both opened businesses in early 2017.

My favorite part of shooting weddings is the emotions and the love that I get to capture. I have suffered a lot of loss and I know how important the value of images are when it comes to being able to cherish your loved ones. Something about weddings and the amount of love shared by all is so moving to me!

My ideal day is waking up at 5:00am to knock out a killer workouts at Sisu Strength Academy. Hanging out with my family and doing something fun, whether it be a hike or going fishing or just cuddling on the couch! I spend a lot of my free time reading books with my 5 year old or listening to murder podcasts or documentaries with my fiancé! We're total true life crime junkies!

Wedding examples

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Fun facts about me

  • I used to play volleyball and dance

  • The texture of avacados weirds me out

  • My birthday is on Christmas day

  • I will ALWAYS say yes to Mexican food and eat my body weight in chips and salsa

  • I have always wanted a tattoo sleeve, but I'll always chicken out because of how much I hate needles!

  • My obsessing with white monsters is unreal, but I'll never stop!! ;)

  • Dry shampoo is my best friend

  • My daughter was named after Elliot Stabler on Law & Order SVU

  • When I'm stressed I become the worlds most obsessive cleaner, so my fiancé doesn't mind too much! Ha!

  • My favorite place in the whole world, beside being home, is Nashville, TN!