Meet Jordan


I live in Minneapolis with my husband, Brock, and our two pups, Grover and Harvey. I moved to Minnesota from Iowa for college and love calling the Midwest home! My husband and I try to take multiple trips a year and our favorite places we have been together are Costa Rica, Ireland, and New Orleans. My favorite part of a wedding day is when the grandparents arrive - there's something so tender about those moments! If I could do anything on a day off, I would lay in my hammock with a good book with my pups after a night of camping. :)

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Fun facts about me

  • I'm a podcast junkie - I listen to podcasts all day, every day.

  • My favorite show is America's Got Talent - I've seen every episode and my dad and I recap our favorites to one another!

  • I know every word to "Lose Yourself" by Eminem and once had a dream that I forgot to bring my vows to my wedding, so I rapped Lose Yourself instead.

  • I am Reba McEntire's biggest fan - I even named my childhood dog after her!

  • I'm an expert in applying false eyelashes. 6) I'm really into plants... like, REALLY into plants.

  • If I were to do any other job, I would probably want to be a potter.

  • I took circus performance classes and I love doing the high flying trapeze!

  • One song I can't help but dance to "September" by Earth Wind and Fire.

  • Once, I spent $50 just on cheese at the grocery store. I have since been put on a cheese budget - I'm only allowed to have one specialty cheese in our home at a time. ha!