5 Tips For Your Wedding Registry - Iowa Wedding Photographer

5 Tips For Your Wedding Registry - Iowa Wedding Photographer

Planning what you want to put on your wedding registry can be extremely overwhelming, but it should also be FUN! There are so many things to think about. I wanted to share a few things that Grant and I learned while going through this process on our own. 

1. Make one!

If you are on the fence about having a registry at all, the questioning stops here. No one will think you are selfish or greedy by registering. Your guests WILL get you gifts, whether you ask for them or not, and they would love to get you something you WANT rather than what they'd pick out on their own. Throw Uncle Bob a bone and make a registry. Plus who doesn't love free stuff!? 

2. Don't be afraid to register at more than one place

The number of guests you invite will obviously dictate how many things your register for, but it is helpful for your friends and family if you register at more than one store. We had over 400 guests at our wedding so we decided to register at 3 different places. I'm so glad we did! 

A lot of people don't realize that Bed Bath & Beyond carries a lot of the same china dish sets as Macy's. I was shocked when I found that out. Register for the same thing at both places!!! For some of your guests it is more convenient to hit one of those stores over the other so if you have more expensive items like your china on both registries you'll increase the chances of someone gifting it to you. That leads me to my next point...

3. Get used to returning

There's a checklist for guests to view and buy our gifts off of so we won't get any doubles, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, every store has a different system for checking your items off of your registry. It can get confusing for guests, especially if they are buying in the store instead of online, so items often get purchased by more than one person. It's not a big deal, just be prepared for it to happen. 

4. decor: Think long term & neutral colors

With Pinterest these days it is nearly impossible to not envy the couple that gets to move into their perfectly clean and beautiful house right after their wedding. Unfortunately for a lot of us, Grant and I included, we have to go through the "crappy apartment years" first. How am I supposed to bring my Pinterest board to life when I live in what seems like a 3ft box with scuffed white walls, gross carpet and outdated appliances? First of all, think long term. Put things on your registry that will work for your next living arrangement, but will also transition well to a house. 

One of the best things we did when we registered was choosing big things to be neutral colors. It is super easy to spice up a room with some decorative pillows, a throw or a fresh coat of paint. Buy a neutral colored couch so you have the option to change color scheme of your living room when you move in the next couple of years. This applies to every room of your house or apartment. Save yourself some money and keep the options wide open for future decorating!

5. "After wedding perks"

I'm sure every store has different discounts after the wedding is over, but make sure to familiarize yourself with them. For example, Target sends you a 25% off card that goes towards all un-purchased items from your registry. Grant and I could've saved ourselves LOADS of money if we had known what we were going to get in the mail after our wedding. If you know what's coming then you can wait to cover some of those moving expenses until you have your discount card in hand. 


Well there you have it! We aren't experts by any means, but this was definitely one of the highlights of the planning process for Grant and I. Happy registering!