mansion wedding

Kayla & Ben - Des Moines Spring Wedding

Not even a full week of forecasted rain could stop the sun from coming out to party as we celebrated this amazing couple. I’m not sure why it came as such a shock, but we arrived at Waterworks Park for some photos and I swear the flowers put on their extra fancy outfits that morning. It was so beautiful!!! The stunning Cadillac officially put them in fairytale wedding status. I cannot say enough about the joy we had in being a part of this celebration. Kayla and Ben, thanks for being so fun to work with. Cheers to happily ever after!


Dana & Saul - Semple Mansion Wedding

This day was magical from start to finish. I can't say enough about the genuine, joyful heart that beats behind this couple. I'm excited for them because they've already shown such a great understanding of what it looks like to fight for each other each day -- one of the most important aspects of doing life with your spouse. Their marriage is beginning with an incredible foundation and this whole day spoke to the village that will be cheering them on through every season they travel through as a couple. Grant and I could not have been more honored to hold dresses, carry tissues to wipe tears, share laughs, comfort joyful nerves and capture the large range of emotions that made January 28th so special. We are cheering for you two! Congratulations!!