We're hiring!!!


We're on the hunt for a few Iowa associate photographers for Kiana Grant Photography!

I started an associate team a few years back by adding on and training photographers to shoot like me so that we can serve more clients with an amazing wedding photography experience. I handle the nitty gritty, my associates show up and take pictures (with an occasional coffee meeting)! I’m looking to expand my team in the state of Iowa and I’d love to connect with you if you think we’d be a good fit. Here are the details -


Must be flexible to book 3-7 weddings for 2020 as an Kiana Grant Associate

Must have at least 2 years of experience photographing weddings as a lead photographer

Must be located in central Iowa and have access to personal transportation for shoots and weddings

Must have dependable and sufficient camera gear and equipment (at least 2 full frame camera bodies, 35mm or shallower lens, 85 or longer lens, 2 external flashes, numerous batteries and memory cards)

Must be organized and quick to respond to messages and emails

Must be energetic, outgoing and able to handle large groups of people with ease and a smile

Must be available to shadow Kiana at least 2 weddings before photographing an associate wedding


Pay: Wedding day coverage - $100/hr, Client consults - $10-15 (depending on in person or phone call), Engagement/photo sessions - $150, Travel compensated after an appropriate distance

Conduct client meetings with associate couples when requested

Lead photograph wedding days (6-10 hours in length) and direct/work with second shooters

Attend quarterly trainings for associate photographers and study all virtual training content

Represent the Kiana Grant brand and have a freaking lot of fun while doing it :)


Associate photographers are not responsible for booking with clients - communication will go through Kiana

Associate photographers are not responsible for editing or delivering ANY photos to the clients

Associate photographers are able to use associate wedding images for their own personal portfolio (timing/posting restrictions apply)


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Deadline to apply is Sunday, August 25th

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