Hey friends! I’m a Minnesota grown, Iowa dwelling midwesterner with a tendency to eat too much dessert.


Obsessed with: golden hour, dressing my baby girl, q-tips, and my husbabe. 


Most days you’ll find me working from home in between redesigning spaces in our house, volunteering at church and staring at my adorable baby, miss Maisy Rae. I have to practice saying “no” because I love people too much and hate to miss any opportunity to invest in relationships. 


I’m a wedding photographer (glad I cleared that one up), designer, mama, wife of a worship leader, and professional road tripper. We spend half of our weekends out of the year out of state serving our amazing clients and hanging out with both of our families. We travel as frequently as possible because we are young and healthy, which is more than we are promised for tomorrow!

My photography style is authentic and emotional. I want you to look back at photos of your wedding years from now and feel the day again. I keep things light and fun 100% of the time, and I promise you won’t find a bigger cheerleader of your marriage anywhere else in the world. Let’s be friends - I mean that more than you can imagine. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!